Friday, March 12, 2010

This Explains A Lot

Out of frustration and desperation I met with my doctor last week. I allowed him to take my sweet blood from my body in exchange for answers as to why I've stopped losing weight. Within days he had my results and finally provided me with the answers I've been looking for.

Oh the body, it is an amazing thing. It's also quite crafty.

Here's basically what happened: I was fat, then I lost a lot of fat rather quickly. Because of this my body was like, "Whoa. What a minute. WTF is happening here?". Because the body did not appreciate the losing of the fat that quickly it said, "Yea, this is gonna stop. Right...about...NOW. HA! Suck it, lady!". And that's what happened. My metabolism slowed right on down. Which meant that every thing I shoved down my pie hole was held on to and deposited as fat storage. Then when I would work out EVERY.SINGLE.DAY I would only burn just enough not to gain weight. Basically, I was maintaining. This wasn't good.

Thanks to the miracle of modern day medicines I am now on my way to kicking my metabolism's ass back in gear. HA, metabolism! I WIN! YOU suck it.