Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A List Of Me

I am hilarious.

I am the proud owner of two spoiled mutts that I love as if I birthed them myself.

I own up to my feelings even when they are ridiculous and without merit.

I am no longer a blond.

I am tired of the bullshit that comes along with being an adult.

I am terrible at faking sincerity.

I make fun of my husband for being a nerd, but in all reality I am proud of him for the amount of knowledge he possesses.

I am grateful to have the kind of friendships that don't require a daily phone call in order for us to know how loved we are.

I make a mean pot of turkeyburger helper.

I want to quit smoking as a gift to myself for my 30th birthday, but deep down I am terrified of the weight I will inevitably gain because of it.

I joke how turning 30 scares me, but I'm not afraid. I plan to enjoy my 30's WAY more than my 20's.

I miss going to the gym almost every day.

I miss my family.

I stop missing my family after about 24 hours around them.

I love how Thomas and I ogle each other when we think the other isn't looking.

I actually enjoy diet beer.

I am judgmental of total strangers.

I directly compare how you look to what is in your grocery cart.

I am afraid of never figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.

I say "I love you" a lot. Because you never know when you won't be able to tell someone that again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Kickin

I'm still alive, but I'm sure you were probably aware of that.

I have abandoned this blog, for reasons unknown. Only thing I can think of is that I've lost the desire to pour my guts out on my computer screen. To be honest I have absolutely nothing to spill about. I am madly in love with my husband/best friend, I am employed, I am well fed, I am healthy, I am happy.

Life is for living, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Monday, July 12, 2010


For my birthday back in January Thomas had given me a gift certificate to a local spa for a full day of pampering. I finally got around to using it this past weekend and I was absolutely blown away. I was massaged, and hydrated, and styled, and manicured until I couldn't hardly stand it. There's only so much relaxation I can take before I feel like a corpse.

My weight-loss goal is still going rather well. I say that even though I haven't really lost any weight in the month of July. I'm still about where I was at the end of June even with three weekends in a row of fatty eating. What can I say? I love food. It's like I work my ass off all week just for the chance to relax and not eat like a rabbit on the weekends. I'll take it for now, but something is going to have to change in the near future because at this point it's like I'm running in place, and after a while that gets really old.

Last weekend I received a private message on Face.book from a cousin. Apparently my father had been trying to get a hold of me and wasn't having much luck. All of my numbers had been disconnected and I wasn't listed in the directory. Whoops. See, he would've known that my cell had changed if he had called in the last two years because I had a home phone up until January of this year. He didn't know my number because the last time I had spoken to him was when I called him in April of '08 to let him know that I was getting divorced and moving. Yes, I should've called him back in September to let him know I was getting married, but I didn't. It didn't matter, he wouldn't have come to the wedding anyways.

I'm pretty ambivalent about my father. He's a decent man, a hard worker, and an upstanding citizen. He votes, pays his taxes, and doesn't have a criminal record. He's a good person, he's just a terrible father. I realized this years ago when it was me who was always calling him, or stopping by his house. Eventually I stopped calling as much, and then I moved to Dallas and never saw him. The last time I set eyes on the man was January 3, 2002. He was wearing a black suit and a bad tie. It was the day he buried his own father. A man that he was close to, but never emotionally. My father's family doesn't show much emotion. They don't tell each other that they love each other. They don't hug. Their idea of being there for each other is helping someone replace a starter in an old car, or getting together for a BBQ. When I was a child this baffled me, but as I got older I just got used to it. Always remembering that affection and love was shown freely with my mom's family, but a pat on the back and a smile was good enough with my dad's family. To each their own.

The last time my father contacted me himself was to tell me that my grandfather had died. The reason he was trying to contact me last week was because my great-aunt had died. A very sweet woman who I remember being old even when I was a child. I was surprised that she had made it this long. When he told me I can honestly say I felt nothing. While I'm sad that someone has passed away I felt no emotional connection to her, but instead I felt more sad for my father. A man who is rapidly aging, who has no other children, and isn't on the path to have a connection to his only child. I have convinced myself that he never really wanted to be a father. While my mother or grandmother would never tell me that, it's not that hard to figure out. My father contested the divorce with my mother three times. All over a projection television and some furniture. He never gave issue to my mother wanting sole custody of me. He paid his $210 a month in child support for 15 years and moved on with his life. While some people may have a problem with this, I don't. That was the path he chose in his life. Though a part of me is sad that we will never be close, I'm not 100% sure I would even know how to begin to have an adult father/daughter relationship with him. Too much time has passed. He doesn't really know me, and I don't really know him. I did give him my new cell number and my new address. He did tell me that he would make more of an effort to call me, but I don't hold my breath. If he calls I will talk to him. If he doesn't call then I'll expect my annual Christmas card from his sweet wife. She's the one who always signs them 'Love, Dad & Di'.

I am constantly amazed at how petty adults can be. Specifically women. Jealousy and envy can be incredibly nasty feelings. When my friends have something wonderful happen to them and they feel like they can share it with me I am SO happy for them. I think every one of my friends deserves to be happy and to have wonderful things given to them. Unfortunately, some people are constantly unsatisfied with their lives and feel the need to be spiteful.

I recently had a "friend" disappear on Face.book. I had noticed she hadn't posted anything that showed up in my news feed so I went looking for her. She was completely gone from my friends list, and wasn't showing up on mutual friend's lists either. Concerned that something had happened to her I sent her a text, with no response. The next day I noticed that she had left a comment on a mutual friend's status and was totally shocked. I realized that she de-friended me. No notice, no message, nothing from her. The next day I received a text back from her number letting me know that it was her husband's phone now but that he would pass the message along that I was concerned about her. Within minutes of the text she sent me a friend request with a short note stating that she had deleted people that she "never talked to anymore". I thought that was strange seeing as how I comment regularly on her status'. After re-friending her I went to her profile and was hit by a couple of status' that shocked me. One talking of envy, the other talking of how she wished that she could do something that I had mentioned I was doing in a status the previous week. Maybe it's conceited for me to think this, but personally I believe she is jealous of me. This just made me both incredibly sad and incredibly pissed off. Here I was, texting her telling her I was concerned about her disappearing, when in reality she had de-friended me out of jealousy! I don't post shit on Face.book to brag. I do it because I am happy and I want to share my happiness with people that I care about. Do other people have things that I don't have and want? Hell yes! But I compliment them and I am happy for them. I don't de-friend them out of petty jealousy.

This weekend was the two year anniversary of Thomas and I meeting. In celebration of this we bought each other a gift and had a wonderful dinner out with his parents and our friends. I posted a photo of the gift Thomas had gotten me, and this so-called friend's response just reeked of disgust for me and my "pampered princess" ways.

I've made more of an effort to be more vocal on her status'. Even when I don't have much to say. Obviously she's lonely and is wanting attention, but I absolutely REFUSE to stop sharing happy moments in my life just because of someones jealousy. I love my life, and dammit I plan to share it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love Me Some Me

I was absolutely disappointed in myself last night. I was still 3 pounds from my goal weight and it was the last day of the month. I really really REALLY fucking hate not reaching a goal I set for myself, especially one so small.

I woke up this morning and immediately weighed myself. I did it. I achieved my goal. I don't know how I did it, but I did it.

Now it's on to the next goal. Another 10 pounds, another month.

Because I tend to forget how I went about losing weight when I think about the past I am going to post a day's menu for myself. Basically, this is what I've eaten almost every day for the last 30 days. My average caloric intake is anywhere between 800-1000 a day, but after an hour of exercising I net an average of 500-700.

To my future self,

If you want to lose weight again, do this. Put down the pork chop, fattie. Step away from the carbs. Eat this:


2 slices of turkey bacon
3.5 large eggs
1 half Orowheat sandwich thin with a small amount of butter

Calories: 379


2 cups romaine lettuce
5 oz cherub tomatoes
1 tablespoon light Italian dressing
1/2 serving of baked chicken breast

Calories: 163

5 oz tilapia
2 cups Brussels sprouts, with 1 slice turkey bacon
1/2 baked sweet potato with 1 tablespoon of butter

Calories: 390

1/2 serving baked chicken breast

Calories: 60

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh It's On Now

A trip to South Padre Island has been booked.

86 days.

86 days to look as good as I possibly can. To feel as good as I possibly can.

Tomorrow is the deadline for my monthly goal. I will report back with results.

86 days til the beach, the sun, and a private house. SQUEE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hunger Doesn't Get What Hunger Wants...This Time

I'm half way to reaching my goal of losing 10lbs in the month of June, but I have yet to get used to the feeling of being hungry. It's a constant feeling and even though I'm eating, quite well actually, it's still difficult. My calorie intake is small and my trips to the gym are short. I don't have the energy to push heavy weights or even spend a significant amount of time doing cardio, but it seems to be working. I've gotten over the wall that was up for a long time and I'm confident that I'll actually hit my goal, and maybe even lose more.

I've been really really hard on myself lately. I was so into working out and losing weight last year, because of the fear of not fitting into that wedding dress. Now that the wedding has come and gone I've tried to loosen up a bit, but if I give myself an inch I will take a mile instead. So far so good. If it works I'm going to stick with it, and this is working. I'm not starving myself, I'm not on a crash diet, I'm doing what I know that I'm capable of. I am confident that I can do this and then some.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June 1st. Let The Misery Begin!

I know, I'm being dramatic. Tough shit. It's my blog.

10 pounds to lose by the end of June. Just 10 little itsy bitsy pounds.

In other news, here is a photo of Thomas holding two baby Chihuahuas.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Never Thought Summer Would Get Here

I guess it isn't "officially" Summer yet, but I deem it so when I step outside into the sunshine and immediately begin to sweat like a whore in church with a condom in her pocket. Which is a lot. I also wear good deodorant so, ya know, it's safe to stand next to me.

I've been such a slacker when it comes to the gym lately. I've also been eating horribly and drinking beer like it's going out of style. You know what I'm trying to say here right? Yes, I'm trying to say that I've gained weight. Not an extreme amount of weight but enough that when I walk by a full length mirror I think to myself that if I had ever wanted kids that I would make a fabulous pregnant chick. I have no excuses this time, I just got lazy. Hell I'm still lazy but at least I give a shit. Kinda.

Thomas and I started this week going back to our old routine of eating healthy and getting to the gym every night. We did it but in all reality what we really wanted was to sit at home and drink beer while eating a gravy drenched chicken fried steak the size of our heads. For the most part eating healthy sucks, but the benefits are well worth every bite of the broccoli. When we eat right and work out we have more energy, we feel better, and we don't look like we could give birth to a DingDong eating beer swilling 15lb mega-baby any day now. So ya know, there's pros and cons.

The Summer is already looking to be an eventful one. Pool parties and river trips and other activities that require that I wear something that resembles a bathing suit. In an effort to not make each person that sees me in a bathing suit reel back in absolute horror and disgust I am doing my part to shed some cellulite from my ass. And my thighs. And where ever else I have it. In order to do this I am going to do exactly what I did last year. Workout, eat right, have fun on the weekends, and give myself a goal.

The goal is 10lbs gone by the end of June. 10lbs in one month. That should totally be easy, right?



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Write That Down

I'm going to preface* this entire story by saying that there were very few pictures taken during the latest SWMH Club meeting. We were busy. Very busy. What with all the drinking and laughing and the talking, but it's not the pictures that matter, it's the memories. Even if those memories aren't of club hopping or singing bad karaoke. Memories are made by making numerous trips to the convenience store and one very important trip to Walmart. Memories are made sitting on the back porch and telling stories that make us all laugh until we cry. Photos aren't the most important things, friendship is.

Isn't that THE best excuse for not taking a shitload of photos ever??

As I sat in the airport waiting to leave a guy sat down across from me and then proceeded to make my eyes bleed.

Those are BLACK ankle socks. With brown slip on shoes. BLACK. WITH BROWN. And khaki SHORTS with a green shirt! As you can see, he's not wearing a wedding band because no woman would marry someone who dresses like that and even if she did she would NEVER have let him leave the house like that.

When I arrived in Phoenix I was greeted by an already crying Princess (you owe me $5 Thomas) and we did the whole run to each other and hug each other thing and I didn't even care if people thought we were lesbians.

Since we weren't heading to Tucson until much later in the day we headed to a local restaurant and proceeded to sip on this:

Yes, my friends, that is a bacon bloody mary and it was divine.

Soon we were in Tucson and we were all together! Finally! And we even had a new member joining us this time around. The time seems to fly when we're all together. It's almost as if the universe knows that we don't get to see each other very often and plays a cruel joke on us by speeding up time.

Before I knew it it was time to leave. Time to say goodbye to my wonderful friends and head back home. Tears were shed and I was heart broken. Eight months of not seeing each other is too long and God knows when I'll see them again.

To Slick, Spike, and Snoop - Thank you for such a fantastic weekend. Thank you for making me laugh until my face hurt. Thank you for my gifts and thank you for your friendship. I love you guys.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Run Down

I was kinda hoping that the next time I wrote I would be doing it from the comfort of my corner office overlooking a golf course all while raking in huge amounts of money just because I am me, but alas, that is not the case. I'm sitting here from the not-so-comfortable office chair that has held my ass for last 7 years. Nothing has changed. I've applied everywhere, but no success. Just like with the weight loss I am not going to fret about it. I'll continue to make what I make now and make the absolute best out of it. I also pray each day for the strength to hold off the choking of my co-workers and/or clients.

This Thursday I will fly to Arizona for yet another fabulous SWMH Club meeting with my girls Elle and Princess. I haven't laid eyes on them since the wedding in September and I am giddy with excitement. Oh ladies, I have missed you so. I can't wait to get hammered with you.

You SO know there will be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Also, maybe some drunk posting.

Speaking of pictures...I have some. Let me show you them.

Thomas and I have recently embarked on a journey to find the perfect cheeseburger. Thankfully there are a shit ton of restaurants in the DFW area and most of them don't suck! We also enjoy taking photos of our food and posting them on FB to make our friends and family green with envy.

We don't just limit ourselves to hamburgers and fries. While man really can exist on those two alone (and beer, let's never forget beer) we also eat seafood and cheese fries. Really good cheese fries with bacon. LOTS of bacon.

In other news, my dogs are adorable.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time For A Change

I'm bored. Not with my life, with my work. Day by day I feel my brain cells dying, and my soul slowing rotting away. I sell and service insurance every single day. What does that have to do with my soul, you ask? As my grandmother once said to me, "You sell insurance. You lie for a living." While I don't think that's necessarily true, I do feel like I bend the truth on more occasions than I care to really think about.

Each day I talk to the same people, I tell the same stories, and I deal with the same excuses. I realize we're in tough economic times right now, but do keep in mind that I don't make up the insurance rates. Don't yell at me. I just convince you to believe the reason I give you for your recent rate increase is actual truth, when in fact it's probably not.

For the most part I'm tired of dealing with the general public. No matter how much I try to fake it I am not, nor have I ever been, a people person. I don't like 99% of the population that walks on this planet. Mostly because people, as a whole, suck. They are argumentative, judgmental, uneducated, and lazy. I've worked with all kinds from all over the world and I can honestly say I just don't like the human race.

While I would love nothing more than to have a job where I can sit in front of a computer all day and type menial and mind numbing shit without ever having to deal with another human being all day we all know that just can't happen. You remember that movie 'The Net'? The one where she worked from home all day long doing interesting look internet-y type things? I would love that job. I would have everything delivered to my home and the only time my neighbors would see me is while I was sashaying my ass to the mailbox to pick up my sweet fat paychecks. But this isn't the movies and I'm no Sandra B.

I've applied for several jobs very very recently and I would love to have something happen soon. The jobs I've applied for have zero to do with insurance, but instead will allow me to use the skills I have gained over the years. The number one skill being able to kiss ass to those who make me money. I think I've put enough years into this business. I'm tired of kissing the ass of those who have nothing. It's time for me to move on.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Check In

Yea, I know. It's been a while.

Ya know, I think deep down I was kind of hoping this medication would be some kind of miracle pill. That I would take it every day like a good girl and BOOM! the weight would just melt off of me. Not so much. Have I lost weight since I've started taking the medication? Sure. A few pounds. It could also be my cutting back on carbs as well. Who knows. I will give the meds credit for one thing, I do feel better. I'm no longer needing to chew caffeine pills like candy or down energy drinks like water. I do have more energy, I do feel better. But it's hard to be giddy about it when it's not really doing what I wanted it to do.

I realize that I am being unreasonable. There is no miracle pill. Or drink. Or food. Or super simple 3 minutes workouts twice a week that you see plastered in magazines or online ads. It takes effort every single day to turn down that sweet, or that carb, or those empty colories. And each scale the scale inches lower. Ounce by ounce.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not downing myself here. I'm making progress, it's just slow progress. In this day and age of the I WANT IT NOW! GIMME! I know it's not healthy to lose the weight fast. It'll come off when it's ready to come off. Day by day, week by week.

I intend to enjoy my summer this year. I had a fabulous summer last year as well, but the thought of not being able to fit into that wedding dressed weighed on me like a ton. I was terrified. Absolutely terrified that I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I did. GO ME! I still have goals I want to achieve, but I'm going to thoroughly enjoy myself this summer. I do believe that it's well deserved.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Explains A Lot

Out of frustration and desperation I met with my doctor last week. I allowed him to take my sweet blood from my body in exchange for answers as to why I've stopped losing weight. Within days he had my results and finally provided me with the answers I've been looking for.

Oh the body, it is an amazing thing. It's also quite crafty.

Here's basically what happened: I was fat, then I lost a lot of fat rather quickly. Because of this my body was like, "Whoa. What a minute. WTF is happening here?". Because the body did not appreciate the losing of the fat that quickly it said, "Yea, this is gonna stop. Right...about...NOW. HA! Suck it, lady!". And that's what happened. My metabolism slowed right on down. Which meant that every thing I shoved down my pie hole was held on to and deposited as fat storage. Then when I would work out EVERY.SINGLE.DAY I would only burn just enough not to gain weight. Basically, I was maintaining. This wasn't good.

Thanks to the miracle of modern day medicines I am now on my way to kicking my metabolism's ass back in gear. HA, metabolism! I WIN! YOU suck it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's All Mental

I hit a mental and physical wall this week. After taking some much needed time off from gym in January and most of February I headed back last week. Eating clean, laying off of the booze, and working my tail off in the gym I figured I would be back to my pre-Thanksgiving/Christmas/Cruise weight within a couple of weeks.


If there is one thing I've learned from getting in shape is that having a good mental outlook is critical. When you're stressed you're more likely to eat or, to make matters worse, psyche yourself out of losing weight no matter how hard you try. I got to that point yesterday.

I handle the stresses of life quite well, at least I think I do. Thomas and I got through our move without divorcing each other. Work hasn't changed much at all. Life is just as great as it always is. One difference though, I got lazy and stopped putting effort into my workouts. I ate things I shouldn't have been eating. I was drinking more than usual. All of that equals pounds put back on. So I immediately put myself under the stress of getting rid of those pounds as quick as possible. In turn, my body and my metabolism gave me the middle finger. In two weeks, I had lost a pound. One single pound.

Yesterday I spent most of my morning thinking about what I was doing wrong. I was achy from head to toe from pushing myself at the gym. I was hungry even though I had plenty of healthy clean food within my reach. I had busted my ass at the gym every day for two weeks and there was no pay off. In desperation I began to scour the internet in search of the latest and greatest in weight loss pills. I had officially plateaued and no matter how much I ate or didn't eat or how much I lifted or sweat, I was at a dead end. I was both physically and mentally exhausted.

When you're strength and weight training and you hit a plateau you have two choices - either eat a cheat meal to throw your body back into fat burning mode or change up your routine. I chose the latter. I chose to change up my routine by going home after work yesterday and resting. I ate an extremely healthy dinner and got some sleep. It was exactly what I needed to reset my brain. I woke up this morning to a smaller number on the scale and a good outlook for tonight's workout.

There is a very fine line between putting pressure on yourself to lose weight and having a goal weight in mind. I get frustrated with myself when I don't squat what I think I should, or when I don't lose what I think I should lose. The body is directly affected by the mind, and if the mind isn't right the body will react negatively. I've set a new short term and long term goal for myself and at this point I'm confident I'll hit them both. However, I need to remember that it took a long time to gain the weight and it may take a long time to lose it. Some times it's quite okay to sit back, reset, and give myself credit for what I've already accomplished.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suck It, Winter

The settling in to the new place is coming along quite nicely. We finally took some time to hang some stuff on the walls and even went furniture shopping. Surprisingly we both agreed on a numerous amount of living sets and more than likely we'll be buying in the near future.

No matter where we live there will always be a place in our home for this sign.

Every time I look at it I am instantly reminded of my girls, Elle and Princess. I miss y'all. *weep*


After a week of moving and unpacking and bickering we decided a night on the town with friends was needed. The best Chinese food in town, beers, good friends, and laughs was soul healing.


Me: Hey! Wouldn't it be great if we had under cabinet lights in the kitchen? It would be so nice!

Thomas: Yea, sure. I can do that.

Two trips to Home Depot, a few curse words, and four hours later...

It's absolutely beautiful and I am THRILLED with the outcome. However, we both came to a mutual decision that there would be no way in HELL we would take them with us when we eventually move. Those suckers are in there FO LIFE.


Thomas and I aren't big football fans and decided to pass on the watching of The Super Bowl. BUT, we did take advantage of the 50 nuggets for $10 deal. BEHOLD!

That right there is a box full of fat filled and delicious lovin'. And before you even ask, yes we did split it and no we did not split the fries. Thomas got us our OWN fries. Super sized. Because I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT share fries. I don't care if you're my best friend, a homeless starving person on the street, or the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. I will not share my fries with you.


I am a simple person when it comes to jewelry. I like classic designs, silver or white gold, and beautiful pieces that will go with almost anything. My friend Tracy at Minty Mocha Designs has a great on-line jewelry store where she makes each piece by hand. She even gives the pieces cute names!

One day she posted these and I absolutely HAD to have them. Her, being super awesome, sent them to me right away and they are adorable. They are a bit smaller than they appear which only makes me love them more. Fantastic job, Tracy!


Um, I would like to know who in the holy HELL told Texas that it was winter. Because this is some bullshit.

It's been snowing all day. Literally. And according to our local news we all just may die. But see, this crap is exactly why I moved to Texas from Missouri. To AVOID snow. However, winter has made me it's bitch this year. Yes, I know that other parts of the country have been absolutely DUMPED on recently and they're out of power and food and blah blah but really, I expected better from my state.

Stay warm, folks.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Helloooooo Club 1312

We moved. Every piece of furniture and every box we lifted and hauled ourselves. That may not sound all that bad to most people but those people haven't tried to lift our 800lb television and the just as bad armoire that it goes in.

We managed to get everything done with minimal amounts of bickering. I consider a move where at the end you don't hate your spouse to be a success. Did we have varying opinions about where important items go? Sure we did. That argument about where exactly the silverware should go in the kitchen was totally called-for. And let us never speak of the Furniture Placement Incident. Suffice it to say, I am completely nutty butters and Thomas should be considered a Saint for having to deal with me and my OCD/I am a woman and I like things to match/I cannot mentally handle that the living room window is UN-FUCKING-EVEN on the living room wall.

I hate moving.

We are unpacked and settling in nicely. Both of us are enjoying our much MUCH shorter commutes to work and the dogs are enjoying the fact that there are new smells EVERYWHERE and they MUST be smelled this damn INSTANT. I swear their nostrils are working overtime right now.

I have to admit, this apartment is kinda creeping me out. I have yet to hear any neighbors. Not a child screaming, or snoring, or even a door slamming. It's like we live in a house! But without the backyard and the right to put pink flamingos in the front yard.

This apartment and it's spaciousness is downright glorious. We have ROOM. Almost more room than we know what to do with. And what do we need to do to fill up all that extra space? You guessed it. We need to go furniture shopping. I cannot WAIT for that argument.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Movin' On Up

The apartment is practically empty. The walls are bare and the kitchen contains only the essentials to survive over the next few days. Saturday is moving day.

I remember the first night I spent in this apartment. I unpacked most of the day and when I couldn't take anymore I drank a few beers until I eventually fell asleep on my loveseat. I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I woke up the next morning with that panicked feeling that you get when you're not sure where you are or how you got there.

Over the next few days the place started to grow on me. It was comfortable, and more than anything, it was affordable. It wasn't anywhere near the 1800+ square feet I had come to love in my old house but it was mine, all mine. It was the first apartment I had ever gotten by myself.

Over the next few months this apartment welcomed old friends and helped me make new ones. This was the place where Thomas cooked for me for the very first time. This was the place that we spent every weekend together.

Eventually Thomas would move in and we learned to work around each other in the tiny kitchen and bathroom. This was the place where we began our lives together.

Thomas and I have been planning this upcoming move to bigger and better things for a while now. Closer to both of our jobs and more space for the dogs to stretch out, we've found our replacement. Now it's time to leave.

Even with the noisy neighbors and the steady decline of good tenants this apartment has been good to me. It saw two major life changes for me -the beginning of my single-hood and the end of it.

I am so looking forward to the move on Saturday because I know that Thomas and I will be incredibly happy in our new home but I will always remember #812 with very fond memories.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I Learned While on Vacation

1. Never ever take a cruise in the dead of winter. My luck is such that an unusual cold snap will take over most of the country and our counterparts to the South. This makes for cold road trips, cold ocean water, and choppy water conditions.

Also, I am apparently prone to sea-sickness when on a boat that rocks back and forth like me on a drunken binge.

Note the jackets on and red tipped noses. We may be on a boat but we're freezing our asses off.

2. There's always a reason why something is just a tad too cheap. I swear to the sweet baby Jesus himself being on that ship was like being in a floating Walmart for five days. Babies screaming, kids running, horribly ugly women walking around in their housecoats and slippers. It was like all the trailer parks in Texas got together on one ship to ravage the all-you-can-gorge buffet and take part in the embarrassing karaoke version of "My Humps". The food on the ship was incredibly "meh" and it was more about quantity rather than quality. Then again after seeing how some of my fellow cruisers were wolfing down the food like it was their last day on earth I wouldn't be surprised if there was an emergency case of Wolf Brand chili and hotdogs somewhere hidden just in case we ran out of food and the hungry hillbilly natives got restless.

Thomas enjoying one of the more finer foods on board the ship - soft serve ice cream FTW!

3. After a full and sickening day at sea getting off the ship and getting drunk with strangers is glorious. Also, duty free shopping is one of my new favorite past-times. Buying Mexican Camel Lights for $15.00 a carton made me shed a tear of happiness.

At this particular beach break the Coronas were "all-you-can-drink", so I did.

4. We may be a bunch of white people but we can sure as shit shake a tail feather when we're three sheets to the wind.



5. Towel creatures are fucking creepy.


6. Cruise booze is expensive. A bucket of four beers will cost you a whopping $22.00. $22.00! For FOUR BEERS! A MaiTai will run you about $8.75 and a double Jack and Coke will require you to give up your first born. However, taking photos of yourself with those little umbrellas behind your ears is priceless and extremely hilarious, when you're drunk.

7. After spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in booze on the ship when they offer you free drinks for an hour TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.


8. I am the motherfucking QUEEN of the self-portrait.

9. The more the merrier. I love my husband, I love my in-laws, and I love my friends. This vacation was just what the doctor ordered for all of us. Were there some rough times on the trip? Sure, if you count the sea sickness and the horrible food and the cold and the cabin fever. But in the end we all made each other laugh. We all had a fabulous time. In fact, we were having such a fabulous time that we ended up adopting more people into our group who saw how much fun WE were having and just had to join us. What can I say? We're likable people.

10. No matter what, sunny beach breaks with unlimited drinks makes everything a-okay in my book.

11. Turning 29 isn't so bad when you get to spend it with the ones that you heart the most. A pot of melted chocolate REALLY helps as well and then maybe a beer or 20.