Friday, July 31, 2009

The Dress: It Fits...Barely

Thanks to our new friend the Spanx Bodysuit (Seriously, all hail the mother effing Spanx) and a strapless bra I was able to get into the dress. Got into it AND it zipped up. Let us not talk about how much strength it took from Kimberly AND Thomas to zip it up. No, we won't speak of it. I was beyond thrilled that I had been able to finally get it on but the excitement ended when I realized that I hadn't taken a breath in over two minutes, my lips turned blue, and I passed out.

Just kidding.

I didn't pass out. However there is little to absolutely NO breathing room in this dress. With less than 60 days to the wedding I was terrified that I wouldn't be comfortable at all in this thing and that I wouldn't even be able to eat at our own wedding dinner. Alas, cooler (and much saner) heads prevaled and I was convinced that by the time the wedding came around I would fit into the dress perfectly. The official dress fitting is tomorrow and I'm thrilled at the prospect of walking into the store and telling them that the only change that should be made is the sash around the middle. No taking in or letting out necessary, thankyouverymuch.

57 days to go...

Friday, July 24, 2009

64 Days

I'd like to blame my lack of posts on mucho excitement and the fact that I'm so busy that I never have time to post, but I'd be lying. It's mostly out of pure laziness really. So today I give you a post with random pictures from my Jesus phone, I mean iPhone.

Lee Trevino? Is that you? And why are you in Dallas eating at Five Guys? I'm so confused.

Bang bang mofos.
Every now and again my retired boss comes into the office to take a break from his cattle ranching obsession. When he does he's usually packing mass amounts of heat. This one was just cute though. Made me want to Bedazzle it and keep it in a bright pink holster with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.

Seriously?  Enough is enough.
Ugh, Texas summers. 105 degrees is insane.

Getting muh herr did
Three hours to go from red to kinda blonde. A trial of what I'll have done before leaving for Vegas. I looked like an alien with all that foil on my head. A smelly peroxided up alien.

I'm such a camera whore
Me not long after the three hour hair makeover and a whopping $135.00. I love my hairdresser. Oh and I'm a camera whore.

Have I mentioned that Thomas is a chef? A really really fantastic chef? One that makes me yummy dinners that are also really effing healthy? Gotdayum I love that man.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How To Have The Most Awesome Anniversary Evar

Wake up next to the person you love who immediately smiles and wishes you a happy anniversary.

Go to your kitchen all sleepy eyed so you can make coffee but instead you're greeted with a small wrapped box and a card sitting on the kitchen counter. You read the card and it's beautiful and sweet and mushy, of course. Unwrap the gift and you find this:

Anniversary gift from Thomas

Squeal with delight because he remembered and was sneaky enough to get it without you noticing. Make a mental note of mass amounts of brownie points for this one. Also, feel like an ass because you had AGREED not to get each other anything so you got him a card that was very sweet but you didn't get him a gift.

Decide that anniversary breakfast is in order, because your diet? Fuck it. It's out the window at this point.

Meet up with fantastic friends and have a very fattening and very awesome breakfast. Finish breakfast and feel so full that you're afraid you'll never get hungry again let alone be hungry for dinner that night. Tell yourself that next time maybe you shouldn't get the omelette that's the size of your freaking head AND pancakes.

Head to a local recreation store and drool over high priced items you can't afford. Then do funny things and take pictures that are really only funny to you.

Take the rest of the afternoon to relax and try to get as hungry as possible. Get all gussied up and head out to the fancy schmancy restaurant. So fancy in fact that there is complimentary valet parking! Valet parking for your POS Jeep! Laugh and also die a little inside when they valet your POS next to Porches, Volvos, Mercedes, BMWs, and a Maserati.

Poor POS Jeep

Everything is ready when you get to your table. Confetti and a card wishing you a happy anniversary signed by the entire restaurant staff. Your waiter is amazing and the person sitting across the table from you has set this whole thing up without you even knowing about it. Mental note: more brownie points.

Order wine, appetizer, and entrees. Drool each time one of them is served to you.


Proscuitto wrapped mozzerella.

Tenderloins with butter poached lobster

Just when you think you can't eat anymore. When you think you are stuffed to the max the waiter has a surprise for you. Complimentary dessert! YAY! MORE CALORIES!

Complimentary dessert!

Oh it was so worth every single calorie. It was delicious and creamy and made me moan for a second. Yes, it was just that good.

Leave the restaurant and walk around a bit just hoping that your food digests so you can at least be comfortable enough to drive home. Take pictures of yourselves because you're so cute together.

OMG We are SO adorable!

Go home and fall into a food and wine induced coma. Fall asleep with a smile on your face, lots of food in your belly, cuddled up next to the one that you love. Grateful for the last year you had and looking forward to spending many many more anniversaries together.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One Year *

It was a year ago that Thomas and I met thanks to Craig and his list and my search for a vacuum cleaner. Instead of a vacuum cleaner I found my soul-mate. Some emails followed with some beer and it was all down hill from there. What I thought would be a few dates along with some fantastic romps in the sheets turned into a beautiful relationship. A partnership with mutual respect and more chemistry between two people than I thought was possible to occur without the world exploding into a million pieces.

Our relationship evolved so quickly that at times I wondered if it was a dream. One step, then another, and then another but it all felt so right.

"Wanna get together for a drink?"

"I love you."
"I love you too."

"I emptied the bottom two drawers and made some room in the closet."
"I'll be home tonight."

"Will you marry me?"

Where we were a year ago is nothing like where we are now. Both of us putting everything out there, either to be rejected like in the past or accepted like we wanted. We clicked. It all came together like a puzzle. Piece by piece we magically fit. We've floated through this past year on a cloud. Step by step we continue to move. Each step coming naturally and not because it's just something we think we have to do. In a year's time we've achieved more than some do in a lifetime. We found the one who fulfills us. The one who inspires us to do better, to be greater, to go farther than we thought was possible.


Thank you for being who you are. You are an amazing man and my best friend. The keeper and co-producer of my secrets. The one who picks me up and brushes me off when the world kicks me down like the bully on the playground. The one who makes me feel like the queen that you tell me I am.

When I think of you I smile. When I look at you I turn into a puddle of lovey gooey mush. When I kiss you I still get butterflies in my stomach. When I walk into a room I am proud to have you at my side. Our future is bright, our love is unbreakable, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life telling you just how truly wonderful I think you are.

Happy One Year, Baby. I love you.


* Tomorrow, the 11th, is technically our anniversary but I'm posting this today cause it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Please Excuse My Absence...Life Got In The Way

We've gone through famous people dying (RIP Billy Mays. I <3 you.) and a major holiday in which I got a day off of work and the angels cried and the people rejoiced. Amen. We're less than 80 days from the wedding and it hit me last night that WE ARE LESS THAN 80 DAYS FROM THE WEDDING ZOMFGWTFBBQ?!?!. I kinda had a freak out for a second because I'm been slacking lately in the healthy eating department and the working out department and I've drank a shitload of beer. Jesus Christ on a cracker I hope I fit into that dress. Oh, and now Thomas and I have started looking for houses to buy. A wedding and a home purchase within a month from each other. And before you ask, yes we are clearly batshit insane and should be committed.

I'm grateful that this last month has flown by so fast. I am so absolutely giddy about going to Vegas to marry Thomas that I pray for the days to pass faster but at the same time I am enjoying our summer together. We've had a great time so far and we have some even better things planned over the next two months. September 26th will be here before we know it.